In 1985, at the start of his sales career, Phil Mosher attended a two-day sales seminar in his hometown of Winnipeg which was facilitated by Brian Tracy. This seminar provided him with a new perspective on the psychology of sales.

That same year, Mosher joined a home renovation company where he excelled as their top sales agent in Canada.  His success in various direct sales positions after this led to a twenty-three-year career as a New Home Sales Expert where he became the #1 Expert in Manitoba.

In 2013, while working in residential new home sales, Mosher was offered a position with Brian Tracy International (BTI). Recognizing the potential to assist sales professionals in improving their skills on a local level, he eagerly accepted the opportunity and became a certified Sales Trainer and Facilitator at BTI.

Recognizing that his passion lied in training and no longer selling home, Mosher “retired” in 2020 in order to focus on creating the business model which has become Elite Sales Training (EST). In April 2023, after learning how to start and run a business, create course content, and test marketing, EST opened for business.

We offer a six-course suite of training programs with the ability to custom create courses based on a company’s needs and goals.